Dominator Design & Construction

One of the most valuable aspects of this car is the rich and well documented history. J Bittle and the team at JBA in 1989 did an amazing job of archiving the build, campaign and media that surrounded this "Super Car", The Dominator GTA.

These images below are only a few of the dozens and dozens of images that are maintained with the Dominator GTA.


Here we see the Dominator GTA as delivered by Ford Motor Co. Notice the window sticker in the passenger's side window, it still remains with the car!

Widebody Construction

Immediately JBA began the development of the now famous Dominator wide body kit. As you can see, the Dominator GTA was and is the only Dominator ever built with all steel construction.

Body Work

As the Dominators body work came to completion, the aggressive look and feel began to materialize.

After Paint

Capri Decklid

A rare shot of the Capri Deck lid that was added to increase down-force during the Road & Track High Speed Shootout. Not as attractive as the later developed winged deck lid, but this proved to be quite an advantage on the track. This deck lid remains with the car as part of the heritage!